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Oil separation

Suparator® - the most effective oil separator

How is the Suparator® used?

The Suparator® is the only oil separa- tor that keeps the oil concentration in the cleaner low at all times. How does it work?

1. It starts with a Suparskim® skimmer which is mounted in the bath or tank and which follows the liquid level. The skimmer is designed to skim off the top layer continuously, inhibiting the formation of a floating layer.

2. The top layer, cleaner with tra- ces of oil, is transferred into the Suparator® unit using special, non- emulsifying pumps which prevent mixing of the oil.

3. Inside the Suparator® unit a la- minar flow is generated. With an ingenious construction of valves and plates, the oil is collected, ac- cumulated and concentrated in a number of consecutive steps (see The four step Suparator® princi- ple previous page). The clean fluid is discharged via the bottom section of the unit. The oil, with the dirt in it, is separated; without any cleaner

4. The clean fluid is returned to the bath under gravity or by means of a pump, ready to be used again.



A range of capacities

Suparator® units are available in a range of capacities. The variety of dif- ferent models and options to choose from, make it possible to tailor a Suparator® system to match any ma- nufacturing process. The Suparator® is now used for cleaning baths from 200 up to 400.000 litres !

Cleaning and degreasing baths are used everywhere in industry. Optimal
cleaning is of fundamental interest to ensure the quality of the product. The ability of a cleaner to degrease parts,
decreases rapidly as more oil and
grease are absorbed by the cleaner,
together with dirt like dust and grin- ding residue. Optimal and fast oil separation there- fore is a necessity.

Independent research confirms1, that the Suparator®, is the most effective oil separator in the market. Oil gets separated from the cleaner within mi-
nutes, minimizing contact time This results in cleaner parts and maximum bath life, as it no longer requires to be dumped due to oil and grease built up

Also effective for smaller installations

The clever patented design for the Suparator®, together with the paten- ted Suparskim® skimmer, makes it pos- sible to remove even small amounts of oil and grease from a washer or cleaning bath. The increasing cost of waste disposal makes oil separation economical even for smaller cleaning operations. That is why Suparator® is used in so many different industries. It can also be used for wastewater and coolant applications.

Maximum cleaner lifetime.

An aqueous cleaner is not particularly expensive but the associated costs, however, can be substantial. For in-
stance the costs involved in empty- ing a bath, cleaning and re-filling it and heating up again. The biggest cost factors however, are the disposal of the spent cleaner and the cost of
poor product quality and rework. The Suparator
® keeps the cleaner free of oil; that means trouble free cleaning
for a much longer period of time.

Very short payback time

The Suparator® requires a slightly higher investment but pays back fas- ter by providing improved product quality, extended cleaner lifetime, and lower costs. As a result, the Suparator® on average has a payback time of one year, often shorter than that. In the mean time you benefit from a cleaner process and because the Suparator® is maintenance free, it soon pays for itself.

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