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Q-filter - vacuum filter 

Q-filter is the solution for the filtration of valuable fluids like machine coolants and aqueous cleaners. Integrate Q-filter with your process and the medium remains clean. Your advantage: cost savings and product quality improvement. The unique transport system takes care of a trouble free installation and transportation of the filter cloth. You can choose from a wide range of qualities and types of filter cloth so you can use the most optimal filter cloth.The intelligent control system controls the filtration process and the pressure drop over the cloth, which prevents compression of the clothand promotes the formation of afilter cake; you remove more dirt with less filter cloth.The perfect sealing and the formation of a filter cake cause a much finer filtration. So you remove more and finer dirt and keep you medium even cleaner.

Filter pump OMG - for galvanic and chemical processes. 

 The OMG filter pumps produced in the series CESE are designed to be introduced in the surface treatment process called “electroplating”. According to such technique, metallic objects to be plated for decoration or protection are covered by electrolysis with a thin layer of another metal. The filter pumps CESE are suitable to filter electrolytic solutions used in the following
processes: acid/alkaline nickel plating, acid/alkaline copper plating, acid/ alkaline zinc plating, alkaline cadmium plating, acid/ alkaline tin plating, acid/alkaline gold plating, alkaline silver plating, alkaline brass plating.  There is wide range of filter pumps from capacity 2.000 l/h up to 30.000 l/h. Filtration ration is 1 micrometer.