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Pneumatické ventily

Informace modelů

Typ - Solenoid Operated, Lever Operated, Pilot Air Operated, Push Pull (3X2, 5X2, 5X3 & NC / NO)

Design - Spool with Cartridge Type

3X2 Port Size - In/Out -1/4” BSP & Exhaust -1/4” BSP

5X2 & 5X3 Port Size - In/Out -1/4” BSP & Exhaust / Pilot Port 1/8” BSP

Medium- Compressed Air (Filtered & Lubricated)

Working Pressure Range - 2 -10 bar

Ambient/Medium Temperature - 5°-60° C

Flow - 1200 lpm

Materials of Construction - Aluminium, Nitrile, Brass, Polymer


Informace o cívce

Coil Width- 26 mm

Coil Bore - 10 mm

Voltage (V) +10% - AC (50Hz, 60Hz) -24V, 110V, 230V DC 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V

Power Consumption - AC-6W, DC-6W

Duty Cycle - Continuous
Class of Insulation - Class H

Type of Coil Protection - IP65



Cartridge Type design for Long Life, Compact Design, Standard NAMUR Mounting, Low Power Consumption, Lubrication not essential, Wide range of coil voltage, 20 Lacs Cycle tested, Manual Override, Fast response time at maximum 1000 cycle/min